Proffesor. Dr. Sudedi got Double PhD. from Oxford University

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Proffesor. Dr. Sudedi got Double PhD. from Oxford University

World famous Oxford University, has decided to provide the Double PhD.  to Proffesor. Dr.  Surya Prasad Subedi (QC, Obi)  . Poffesor. Subedi has given the title, contributing to his contribution from his internationally published worksheet.

As a supreme award from the prestigious institution like Oxford, he is proud of himself, Subedi said. In the year 2004, he received the title of ‘Obi’ from the British emperor, contributing significantly to the development of international law. The Queen of Britain provided another legal title ‘QC’ in 2017, appreciating his work to contribute to the development of a fair world by his high-profile biblical study through his rapid pen.

University of Oxford, with the award of excellent research backgrounds, in 1993, Subedi has also won various honors and awards in Nepal. Thus national and internationally, the biggest and most respected honors are not possible to get scholarly and academic and academic degrees.

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