Embassy hearing the student’s problem

Posted 4 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Embassy hearing the student's problem

Now a days, the Embassy started initiating an understanding of students’ problems after the complaints were made in Nepali students studying in Australia.

After the complaint of the social network and the Australian students suffering from problems, the Embassy has started interacting with the students in the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From the program students will be able to identify their real problems and claim that the Embassy will be initiated and initiated to resolve it from different levels.

What is the real problem of students? The main objective of the program is to say that this could be the reason behind the disappointment, Nepal’s Acting ambassador Drupada Sapkota said . The Embassy will not be able to help all the students who can solve the problems of the students, and they will be sent to different stakeholders in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by identifying the problems shown here.

Sapkota said that if there had some problems from the educational institutions in Australia, the Embassy would also try to resolve the problem through the discussion. “This program has been started according to the government decision that can be solved if there is any problem with the students ‘number of about 40 thousand,’ Sapkota said.

In the same program, the Embassy and the unpaid consulate hosted the program with NRN and organized the program for the first time with Nepalese students studying in South Australia. In the program, students said that they were not clear about the purpose of the program. Although the Embassy had come to hear their problem, the Embassy had no information about what they asked and what they expected from the Embassy. In addition, the Embassy had raised the voice of the government to strengthen the consultations that bring students to Australia through the government of Nepal.

In the program, the problems faced by students, mental problems that were seen in the past, and lack of dependent bodies, suggesting advice to them, and causing problems including various factors, were told that the Embassy should be serious about this. They also suggested that Embassy students should develop various programs that would develop the spirit of their own. Additionally, even before coming to study Australia, they also suggested to provide information about the students here.

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