NRNA Woman Forum formed in Myanmar

Posted 1 month ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

NRNA Woman Forum formed in Myanmar

The formation of a Women’s Forum for Non-ResidentNepali Union (NRNA NCC) in Asia and the Pacific region continues.

After Macau Myanmar  has also formed the formation of a Women’s Forum of the National Council of NRNA. Doctor Mina Devi Sapkota has been elected in the coordinator of Women’s Forum for Myanmar.

Women’s Association of Asia Pacific region Junu Gurung has given information about the formation of women’s forum in Myanmar on the main guest of President S.P. Chhetri.There was a presence of Mrs. Madan Ranjana Udas from the Nepalese Embassy located there to support the women forum.

The Udas said to suggest women’s issues on the subject.Junu Gurung has been actively involved in NRN while working for South Korea in the form of women’s forum in Myanmar after Macau.With the help of women coordinator, in the initiative of Gurung, the Women’s Forum formation process has gained tremendousness.

As the regional meeting of women’s Pacific and women’s meeting is approaching, the progress of the women’s forum has increased with the participation of Gurung.The regional meeting will be July 6 and 7.

Myanmar’s Women’s Forum Nomination
Coordinator : Dr. Mina Devi Sapkota
Vidya Gyawali,
Muna Bhattarai,
Dr. Sonia Pokharel,
Kalwati Sapkota,
Kumari Neupane,
Sunita Banjare,
Chand Naulakha
Kalwati Baniya,
Kamala Wagle

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