Prime Minister Oli urges Nepali migrants to return country

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Prime Minister Oli urges Nepali migrants to return country

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has appealed to  Overseas Nepalese to return to their country. Addressing the program organized by Nepalese Embassy in the Geneva in Switzerland, he urged the country to work for the benefit of not returning home.

Prime Minister Oli, who has come to address the program of Geneva International Labor Organization (ILO), has claimed that the government will move forward the issue of change. ‘As far as possible, make business and return to the country. Work to be beneficial to the countries without immediate return. If that is not possible, we should wish Jai Nepal, “he said.” If we think positive, Nepal does not have to do so. “

Prime Minister Oli told  that the people had sent him to the government by giving the mandate to make the country. ‘Do something like this, once we reach the government, it is not a government to get an effort to take some time. Government has taken over the government to move towards development and progress within five years, “he said.

In the context of Non-Resident Nepali demanding dual citizenship, Prime Minister Oli said that they would be able to understand all the facilities except political franchise. PM Oli said that youth migration could not be stopped until taking the country into prosperity and creating a suburbs in its own country.

Exit abroad can not be stopped till the development of a sense of prosperity and adequate opportunity to be made in the youth, “he said.

Comparing Nepal to Switzerland, he said, ‘Switzerland with an 8 crore population can progress why we can not  progress our country which have 2 crore 80 lakh population ? “He said that the government is trying to make the same efforts in the public due to the hope and trust of the country.

After listening to the question of Nepali migrants in Switzerland, Prime Minister Oli addressed half an hour.

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