Radio Parbat catches fire; transmission shut down

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Radio Parbat – a community radio based in Parbat district caught fire at 1.00 this(Wednesday) morning.

The fire that broke out due to electricity leakage destroyed all the materials and equipments, including computers, two mixtures, hybrid and television sets of the radio.

The inferno also caused damages to the radio building and transmitter, informed Shanker Sharma, Station Manager of Radio Parbat. With the fire breakout, the radio transmission has come to closure. There is no alternative than closure of transmission when all the materials were destroyed, Sharma added.

He shared that the locals and police force doused the fire at 2.00 this(Wednesday) morning. Roughly it is estimated that the inferno has caused damages worth Rs 3 million. However, factual details are yet to come. Police informed that no human casualties reported in the incident.

The Radio, which has been on air from rural area Falebas since 2007, is the first-ever community radio of the area.

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