Govt urged to abide by democratic value

Posted 3 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Nepali Congress central member NP Saud

Nepali Congress central member NP Saud has urged the government to abide by the democratic value. He blamed that the present government was cheating people every day.

Leader Saud was speaking at a programme organized under the national awareness campaign of the party here Monday. On the occasion, another central member Gagan Thapa accused the government of violating democratic values, thereby usurping people’s freedoms.

He however argued that as long as NC exists, the citizens’ rights and freedoms would not be curtailed. Various other speakers including Dila Sangraula, Kiran Koirala, Chandra Singh Bhandari, Sanjay Gautam and others spoke about the party’s awareness campaign.

Even a revolving fund of Rs 100 thousand was set up in commemoration of Chop Bahadur Khatri and Jageshwor Tharu, the NC cadres who were killed by then Maoist party during the armed conflict.

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