New decision on foreign workers replacement in Malaysia

Posted 3 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai


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Malaysia has announced a plan to take a new worker instead of a foreign worker returning home after the employment period. The Malaysian Council of Ministers has recently decided about this, though it is not new.

Human Resources Minister M Kula Gassaran has said that the plan for the 2017 plan was re-implemented before replacing  other workers as ‘check out memo’ after the contractual agreement was done.

If this plan is implemented, the Malaysian Employee will soon be able to replace the new worker in their place, immediately after returning to their worker’s home country. This scheme is said to be applicable to all areas of employment.

Regarding bringing the foreign workers who are returning by completing the current contract period, the laboratory should be taken from the concerned local body by presenting a new application.

In order to obtain a permission letter (Approval), it takes more timei.enine weeks and the fee is even more expensive..Now, under the new scheme, the employer will be able to get new workers in employment in same same quota based on the check-out memorandum of workers returning home.

Various stakeholders have welcomed this plan of the Malaysian government. They have expressed the confidence that the workforce will be comfortable and time saving money.

“In the country, it will be helpful to address unemployment problems and to reduce the workforce. And it should be a quick implementation. “The General Secretary of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress J. Solomon has said to the local newspapers.

Another concerned organization Fou Chick li, president of Masters Builders Association Malaysia, said that the final decision of the government would provide relief to the employer. But the concerned authorities have urged the government to stay alert on the matter that the workers should not be included in the wheel while taking workers from this scheme.

Before bringing this scheme called ‘Replacement Scheme’ of foreign workers, Malaysia has discussed with the concerned bodies, various non-government organizations, and officials of various labor source countries.

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