Nepal Day Pared marked in New York

Posted 1 month ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Nepal Pared

Map of Nepal is small in the world’s picture. But in the world community, Nepal is familiar with diverse language, religion and culture.

Nepal’s name is taken asa a proud in the developed countries. Whether he or she is born in the country of Buddha or the world’s highest mountain, Sagarmatha is a countryguard. In other Nepal Identity is also being defined by our National Flag wich was marked by sun ad moon.

For this Nepalese people demonstrated this kind of diverse language, religion and culture in the New York City on Sunday. Nepalese people organize a programme in New York Manhattan and show the Nepalese in world community by wearing Daura Suruwal, Choli Patukai and different ethnic dresses.

Nepalese celebrated the Nepal Day Parede grandly in Manahattan, New York City, which is considered to be the capital of the world.Nepal has been organizing Nepal Day Pared in Manhattan for the past four years . The presentation of various artifacts, artifacts, and costumes of various communities of Nepal was special in the program. In the program, the dance of Tamang, Gurung and other communities were presented.

Nepal Day

During programme thousands of Nepalese were present from New York and other states. Nepal Day Parade Inc. Chairman Nima Sherpa expressed pleasure in the program and said that the program was promulgent by the enthusiastic participation of the Nepali people.

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