Easy to invest NRN in Nepal : The government brought single point service

Posted 1 month ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

The Government has addressed a long demanded NRN Nepali to the smooth environment of investment raised.

Foreign and indigenous investors, including NRN, were making complaints about the need for different bodies , but the work was not done at the time, while completing various legal processes which were uncontrollable during the investment.

In this situation, the investors have addressed their demand for the single point service to be made in order to make a comfortable environment of investment.Minister of Commerce and Industry, Matrika Prasad Yadav has inaugurated the service on Wednesday. Now with one another, investors can invest confidently.

Minister Yadav said that when the registration of a single industry with the start of single-point service, the investor got the end of the slip.

Minister Yadav said, “The government was first called to invest, but it was stuck to the door and the investors had to cross the window. The cracking of a window used to be a thief but now the door is opened. It is completely open because there is little bit here. Remove it and make it easy to service. ‘

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