Demand to cancel the offer-letter of Saudi Company who don’t pay minimum salaries

Posted 2 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Migrant worker dies in Saudi Arabia

Nepalese social organizations in Saudi Arabia have urged the Nepal Embassy for not issuing the certificate for the minimum wage of companies.

Such a request has been issued by the Non-Residental Nepali Association of Saudi Arabia, Overseas Nepali Unity Forum and Nepalese People’s Committee, by joint press release. They have suggested that the embassy should take effective monitoring of minimum salary.

Nepal has set up 13 Riyal with the minimum salary of Nepalese workers of the Nepali workers going to Saudi Arabia. They have the responsibility of all citizens to meditate on their areas seriously due to the obligations and obligations of all citizens to implement minimum wages.

‘We also request manpower to send workers not more than the service fee specified in Saudi Arabia only by giving the right information to the worker and giving them the correct information,” the statement said..

They have requested the embassy to notify the demand at the responsibility of the individual’s specialty. “To clarify the identity of the people who want to authenticate demand, if there is an arrangement for the letter of the government of Manpowerin Nepal, there should be an arrangement for the letter from the Nepal government,” the statement said. “The letter should be included with the letter to open the identity letter of the concerned employer’s company in the case of no introduction.”

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