NRNA Japan gives scholarships to 100 students

Posted 2 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

NRNA-NCC-JapanNon Residential Nepali Association (NRNA) Japan has decided to give scholarship to 100 Nepali students studying in Japan.

Currently, the association, which has been giving scholarship to 30 students, has increased this number to 100 people.Despite the significant increase in the number of Nepalese students coming to study in Japan, the problem of the student is rising even though NRNA Japan has shown the progress in different ways in reducing the problem.

On May 7 , the International Human Resources Resource Network Chief Executive Officer of Yoshiu Kommiya, implementing a dual agreement between the coordinating with NRNA Japan President Tashi Wangi Lama and , is being implemented by the organization in the coordination of NRNA Japan, for the second time, to give 100 scholarships and diligent students scholarship.. Secretary General of NRNA, Bharat Raj Ghimire said that the scholarship criteria will be publiced ​​in a few days.

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