Four soldiers, who abused two Nepali workers in Portugal were suspended

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

GNR soldiers

Four GNR soldiers arrested for misuse of two Nepalese Nepali workers working in agriculture, Nova de Milfants.

The four GNR soldiers have been suspended and one soldier has been arrested. Finding the habitats of the NRN’S by visiting the Nepali workers’ house during nighttime, the JNR soldiers have been abused and abducted in abduction style.At first, only a soldier went to the residence of Nepalese workers, afterwards he called other 3 soldiers and abused Nepali.

Soldiers have been accused of kidnapping and abducting other Nepalese who were coming to help Nepali workers. Four soldiers were arrested in the Wednesday morning and present in the court for action, and a soldier was arrested after the court statement.

The incident is October 2018. The victims of Nepal had complained about the severity of the army on the judicial police of Portugal. Based on the complaints and evidence of victims, the judicial police have arrested the officers of the army involved in the incident.

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