Ex-minister lays emphasis on education of science and technology

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

 Khagaraj Adhikari

Former Health Minister and member of House of Representatives Khagaraj Adhikari underlined the need to educate science and technology in keeping with the demand of time.

Addressing the 62nd anniversary function of Ratan Pandey Secondary School in Pokhara Metropolis-13, Arwa on Wednesday, he said education should be delivered in such a way that people would spend their labour and skills in the soil of own country.

The education sector should be kept free from political effects, he said, adding it should not be made a subject of compromise in one wy or another.

On another noted, he said among several plans put forth in Pokhara are construction of Ring Road, state-level Bus Park and mid-hill highway via Bhalam

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