Four Nepalese got victories in the local elections of UK

Posted 3 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Four Nepalese got victories in the local elections of UK

Four Nepalese got victories in the local elections held in UK.

Located in the local Alderset Town Council Prabesh KS, Dinesh Khadka in the Medinstone Council, Dr. Hemmum Govardhan (Sagar) Silwal in Hamil Hampstid and on Colburn Town. Jagannath Sharma counselors have been elected.

Other candidates from the Nepali community in the race of the counselor were defeated by different areas of the UK. KC has been elected from the Nepali community for the first time in  the Alderset, where a large number of Nepali residents living .

Conservative party candidate KC received 328 votes  whereas his closest opponent, the Labor Party’s candidate, has got only 286 votes. Similarly, Libaral Democrat party candidate Khadka has got 852 votes.whereas his closest opponent, the rival Labor Party candidate has got only 46 votes.

Silwal has been elected to the Council for the second term. He has got 724 votes, He has brought more than 4,000 votes to t his closest opponents. Dr. Jagannath Sharma has been elected the council for the third term. Conservative party candidate Sharma has been elected unofficial in the same area.

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