Four years of Gorkha Earthquake: Reconstruction yet to gain speed

Posted 4 weeks ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Reconstruction works

Reconstruction works in Kavrepalanchowk district is yet to gain speed even four years past the earthquake. Of the total beneficiaries, only 40 per cent have received their third installment of housing grant.

According to the Nepal Reconstruction Authority (NRA), district project implementation unit, 10 per cent of the beneficiaries are yet to reach an agreement for the housing grant. Local government heads however blame lack of technical staffers including engineers for the slow pace of the post-quake reconstruction.

“We have not been able to speed up the reconstruction for lack of engineers and technical staffers,” said Chair of Chaurideurai rural municipality Dinanath Gautam. In the rural municipality, only 37 per cent of the quake survivors have received their third installment of housing grant with 66 per cent and 87 per cent taking their second and first installment respectively.

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