Tankers stopped at Indian customs enter Nepal

Posted 4 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Tankers stopped at Indian customs enter Nepal

More than 140 petro product-laden tankers, which were obstructed by Indian Customs citing technical snag in online service, had entered Nepal last night.

Along with the petro product-loaded tankers, dozens of trucks carrying vegetables and fruits were also obstructed along the border for two days.

Sharad Kumar KC, officer at Nepalgunj Customs Office, informed the tankers carrying petroleum products entered Nepal on Thursday evening once the resumption of online service at Indian Customs.

With the installation of online technology at Indian Customs, complications have been frequented in checkpoints in different times, he added.

Tankers along with other loaded trucks were stopped on the road after problem surfaced in optical fiber nearby Baharaich of India. Two X-ray machines, used to keep vigil at customs office along the border area, have been lying idle for the past one year.

The machines used in screening goods at the border point entering into Nepal have remained dysfunctional.

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