India blankets Maldives 6-0

Posted 2 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

India blankets Maldives 6-0

India defeated the Maldives 6-0 in the match held on Wednesday under the 5th women’s SAAF football tournament.

In the match held at the local Sahid Stadium, Sanju Yadav scored two goals for India while Sandhya Ranganathan, Indramati Kasiretan and Ratanwala Devi scored a goal each. One goal was a suicide goal by the Maldivian goalkeeper.

India was already up by 5-0 in the first half but defensive play by Maldives limited the second half to only one goal, making it 6-0 at the final whistle. Bangladesh will face Bhutan in the match to be held today. Bhutan lost to Nepal 0-3 in the inaugural match on Tuesday.

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