First gathering of Malaysia returnees concludes

Posted 3 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai


The first gathering of Malaysia returnees concluded on Tuesday by holding discussion to capitalize the monetary support to the returnee migrant workers by the government to tap their skills learnt abroad.

The organizers said that the gathering discussed the ways to contribute to the nation’s economy through self-employment. The programme was held targeting the Malaysian returnees from all 77 districts under the banner of ‘Malaysia Returnee Society Nepal’.

On the occasion, Vice Chairman of Nepal Youth Council Madhav Dhungel said that the government has made provision to provide Rs 1 million loan assistance in subsidy to the Gulf returnee migrants.

According to the Council’s data, 24 per cent semi skilled labour force work in the developed countries while around 70 per cent Nepalis are working in the gulf countries and Malaysia.

Likewise, the gathering has formed a 21-member working committee under the leadership of Rajesh Shrestha.

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