Gyan Mahayagya begins in Portugal

Posted 4 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Gyan Mahayagya begins in Portugal

On the invitation of a Nepali saint and promoter of the Satya Sanatana religion, a weeklong Gyan Mahayagya has begun in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

The event is organised by ‘The True Love of Living Foundation’ is the first ever kind in the entire Europe. Yogi Shreeom Surya Shiva is doing the role of a main speaker in the event who will give his lectures on pure knowledge and several religious scriptures and texts such as Veda, Shreemadvagawat, Surya Purana, Shiva Purana and other topics of spiritual importance.

Pujan, hawan, recitations of religious texts, preaching and myths are the daily rituals of the weeklong event.
Yogi Shreeom Surya Shiva told RSS that the Gyan Mahayagya ritual has been organized with the objective of spreading the Sanatana religion and pure knowledge in the world. He said that the proceeds from the Mahayagya would be used in setting up ashrams in Portugal and Nepal.

According to Yogi Shreeom, Nepalis in Portugal and foreigners as well as Portugese nationals will attend the Mahayagya ceremony.

The mahayagya that started from Thursday will last until December 5. The Yogi Shreeom has already organized various religious programmes related to the Satya Sanatana religion in several countries including Nepal, India, America, Japan, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and Belgium.

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