Eye cancer patient gets financial aid from Japan

Posted 4 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai


An eight-year-old eye cancer patient from Lamsung at Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality -8 in Myagdi district received financial aid worth over Rs 62,000 for his treatment.

Najin BK has been suffering from this medical condition of eye where cancer starts inside the eyeball since six months. Coming from an impoverished family, Najin was deprived of medical intervention. His father Prem Bahadur BK then appealed to the Nepalis both home and abroad for their support.

Babita Pariyar, a social campaigner from Sindhupalchowk district, came to his rescue and took the lead to launch ‘Save Najin’ campaign, an online campaign launched in Facebook. Towards this end, another Good Samaritan, hailing from Malika in Baglung Municipality-5 in Baglung and currently residing in Japan, joined the campaign and started fundraising.

Nepalis in Japan collected the amount and sent it to the family of Najin which was recently handed over to Najin’s father, according to Ashish Pariyar ‘Jhilke’ who is from Myagdi. The eye cancer patient minor is currently receiving treatment at the Nepal Cancer Hospital at Lalitpur and the first round of surgery has been successfully performed, informed Jhilke.

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