Recommendations to excavate inside on depressed section of Narayanghat-Muglin road

Posted 7 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Recommendations to excavate inside on depressed section of Narayanghat-Muglin road

An experts’ group has recommended for the detailed study of the locations near Gaighat area along the Narayanghat-Mugling road section after the land in the area was crumbled, posing risk to retention wall. Around 30 metres length and eight metres width from the road corner has depressed in the area.

The expert group formed under geologist Achyut Koirala submitted its report after the field visit in the depressed area from Tuesday.

The report has however suggested allowing the one-way traffic for the time being, adding that the breast wall should be created by excavating the inner side in such locations after the rainy season for the resumption of two-way vehicular movement.

In order to resume the two-way traffic, around six metres of wall should be cut inside at Gaighat which has a sharp inclination. However, the Narayanghat-Muglin Road Project has said that some four metres would suffice.

Likewise, the consultant of the Project has also submitted its report to the Project on Friday itself. Project Chief Rohit Kumar Bisural said further process would be advanced after studying the report.

He argued that discussions would be held whether to seek experts from foreign countries or exploring the expertise among Nepali experts.

The report submitted by the Koirala team has mentioned that the rock soil anchoring carried out during 2004/2005 could have witnessed problems. Bisural said that the anchoring was done by importing rods from France during 2004.

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