Gangamaya postpones fast-unto-death strike

Posted 7 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Gangamaya postpones fast-unto-death strike

Gangamaya Adhikari has postponed her fast-unto-death strike she had been staging at Bir Hospital, demanding justice on the murder of her son.

Her strike was ended by administering juice on Friday in the presence of National Human Rights Commission’s Chairman, Anup Raj Sharma, and Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Sher Bahadur Tamang.

Gangamaya, however, said she ended her strike just for 10 days. “The accused one behind the murder of my son was arrested. Now, I wait and see for 10 days whether the government takes action against him. If he is not taken action, I begin strike on the 11th day,” she warned.

She further made it clear that she did not stop the strike but postponed. On the occasion, Minister Tamang said Gangamaya would be provided justice in a way that she should not opt for strike any more. “Government provides justice to the victims. We’ve begun legal process to ensure justice to you,” he said to Gangamaya.

According to him, a committee would be formed comprising government representatives and human rights activists to ensure justice to her.

Similarly, NHRC Chairman Sharma said to Gangamaya, “If government fails to heed your demands, we’re with you.”
Efforts were made to end Gangamaya’s strike after Chhabilal Poudel, one of the accused behind the murder of Gangamaya’s son Krishna Prasad Adhikari surrendered before the Supreme Court on Sunday.

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