Dr KC urged to adopt legitimate measure

Posted 7 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Minister of State for Health, Padma Aryal, has urged the agitating Dr Govind KC to adopt legitimate measures to get his demands addressed.

During a programme organized by Reporters’ Club here today, Minister of State Aryal said the Dr KC’s demands could be addressed with the amendments through the lawmakers on the medical education bill presented in the parliament.

She argued that staging strike would not help Dr KC get his demands addressed. “What happens if every citizen begins staging strike like Dr KC over the matter of any discontent,” she wondered. However, the legitimate demands would be addressed.

On the occasion, standing committee member of Communist Party of Nepal, Yogesh Bhattarai, however said although the suggestions of the Mathema report were taken into account, these could not be implemented wholly. “Mathema report is just for furnishing suggestions. It has suggested government not to establish new medical colleges for the next 10 years in Kathmandu Valley. It is not mandatory to abide by such suggestion,” he reiterated.

He further said the objective of Dr KC’s strike is fishy because he begins strike when it is time for enrollment in medical education.

NC leader Surendra Pande said some demand of Dr KC were legitimate, so these must be addressed through discussion. “NC has no intention to politicking bearing Dr KC’s agenda,” he made it clear.

Senior Vice-Chairman of Nepal Medical Association, Dr Dhundiraj Poudel, said government must address Dr KC’s demands through dialogue.

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