Sixty years of Nepal-German diplomatic Relations

Posted 1 year ago by Adarsha Devkota

Nepali ambassador to Germany presents credentials

Nepal and the Federal Republic of Germany have completed 60 years of establishment of diplomatic relations.

Marking the occasion, the two countries have been discussing at the high-ranking officials level about the socio-economic development endeavours of Nepal.

Lauding the role played by Nepal in post-quake reconstruction, physical infrastructure development, energy, education, health and human rights protection, a German delegation has expressed the commitment to provide possible support for the overall development of Nepal.

During the bilateral consultation held on Saturday and Sunday with a Nepali team led by Head of the Ministry of Finance International Financial Cooperation Division Shreekrishna Nepal, Germany expressed the commitment to continue its support to Nepal.

Meanwhile, speaking at a function hosted by the German Ambassador to Nepal to mark the occasion, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said the year should be made an opportune year for strengthening bilateral economic relationship, for building better partnership, and for enhancing collaboration in all areas of mutual interests. “We must build greater economic relationship without friends and development partners. We must promote further business contacts, tourism linkages and cultural exchanges with our friendly countries,” he said.

German Ambassador Mr Roland Schaefer on the occasion said we want to make Nepal a place for German and European industry to invest in and it is through private sector engagement, that employment will be created, durably and reliably, in this competitive world.

Germany will continue to engage in the Health and Energy sectors and will continue to work on enabling Nepali small and medium sized enterprise for a competitive world market, he added.

Thanking Nepal for extending support to Germany in the upcoming election to non-permanent membership of the United Nations, he said Germany counts on Nepal’s support, so that work can be done for multilateral peace-making, something to which Nepal’s army is contributing so much.

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