Robot Sophia coming to Nepal

Posted 1 year ago by Rabindra Ojha

Saudi Arabian citizen robot Sophia is coming to Nepal of Wednesday.

The robot Sophia is coming to Nepal to participate in a program organized by United Nations Development Program. It is said that the program is focused on the role of the development of Science and Technology in the development of a nation. The robot produced by the Hanson Company of Hong Kong and was provided the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. The robot also has shown the interest of becoming a mother. Her desire of getting the citizenship of any country was fulfilled by Saudi Arabia.

The robot having all the qualities of a human lacks only the intellect of a human. Her desire of becoming a mother is driven by the need of each and every moments of a human live including love, sorrow, familier love and care.  The company also has announced that it will develop a robot having the intellectual qualities similar to the humans. The country which highly dominates the females has not only provided its to the robot but also has given her more rights than the females of the country. She is not even compelled to put the ‘Burkha’ which is compulsory for the females of the country.


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