Three renowned schools haven’t paid tax to the metropolitan city

Posted 1 year ago by Rabindra Ojha

It is found that three renowned schools of the district have not paid tax to the Lalitpur Metropolitan.

Under the monitoring of the economic development committee of the Lalitpur Metropolitan, ward chairperson, executive committee member, revenue department chief and metropolitan police, the above fact was discovered. Among the schools not paying tax are DAV of Jawalakhel, Aadarsh Vidya Mandir(AVM) of Manbhawan and British school of Jhamsikhel. The coordinator of the economic committee has urged the principal of these schools to be present in the office within a week. He said that those not paying tax will be acted with the law and the type of punishment will be determined by the meeting of the working committee of the metropolitan and they can’t get away from paying tax with the political influence.

The DAV school having 8 buildings in the area of 30 Ropanis hasn’t paid tax for the past 23 years and maximum buildings are constructed without mapping layout.  According to the officials of the metropolitan, DAV has to pay a tax amount of more than five crores but the vice principal of the DAV school, Ramchandra Khanal said that they are ready to pay the tax amount. In the same way the AVM school is running without even registration and hasn’t paid tax since its establishment in 2022. It also has 9 buildings covering an area of 13 ropanis. The principal of the AVM said that the school is operated through the trust and she thought that the schools run by the trust don’t have to pay tax. In the same way, the British school also has 7 buildings in an area of 34 ropanis and most of the buildings are constructed without maps. According to the officials of the metropolitan, the school has said that it has an area of only 3 ropanis.

Similarly the institutions not paying tax include Little Angels school of Hattiban, Kathmandu college of management of Saat Dobato and GEMS of Dhapakhel. Also the Alka hospital of Pulchowk, Sumeru of Dhapakhel, Patan of Lagankhel, Sarwangh nursing home of Kupondol, the KIST hospital of Imadol also haven’t paid tax.

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