A Nepali killed in police encounter in Indonesia

Posted 1 year ago by Rabindra Ojha

A Nepali is killed in a police encounter on the suspicion of drugs business. He is identified as 34 years old Sharan Kumar Tamang.

Central Jakarta Metro Police chief senior commissioner Roman Hutajuju told that an operation was run on the information obtained on drugs trafficking.  According to Roman, Tamang was hiding at Alpine hotel. By tracking his phone, he was approached as a customer and was called near the OCC bank ordering 50 grams of Meth (Methamphetamine). He was arrested as he reached there and he was caught red handed with 52 grams of drugs. On searching his room at the hotel, 3.4 kilograms of Meth was found, police said.

In the process of investigation, he told the addresses of other friends and travelling there, he tried to run away and police were forced to fire. Hit by the bullet, he was taken to nearby hospital after serious injury and doctors confirmed his death at the hospital in the process of treatment.


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