Unique style of publishing Nepal idol program in Australia

Posted 1 year ago by Rabindra Ojha

The organizers have found an unique way to promote the program of Nepal Idol that is set to take place next month. Organizers are advertising for their program along with Nepali national flag at the train stations, roads.

The winners of Nepal Idol are being introduced in Australia by an organization of Sydney called touch Nepal. For the success of the program, the organizers have used a different style of advertising as compared to the first program. Besides Sydney, similar advertising style has been used in the trains of Melbourne also.

One of the organizers, Raj Kumar Goswami said that large banners are used in trains including kogarah kampasy for advertisement where large numbers of Nepalese are living. He also said that the advertisement approach is made at the places from where more people pass.

The presentation of the winners of Nepal Idol is taking place from 1st of December at the sports centre of Sydney Olympic park. None of the Nepalese artists have performed at this venue. The top three of Nepal idol Buddha Lama, Nishan Bhattarai and Pratap Das are departing to Australia for the program. One of the organizers Dipesh Pun said that their popularity is huge in Australia also so they are trying to make this program a unique one.

This program is being organized in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Canberra of Australia.


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