Tonu Ghotane elected as president of NCC Australia

Posted 2 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

Tonu Ghotane has been elected as a chairman of NRNA Australia. Ghotane is a resident of Melbourne and current general secretary  elected as a chairman.

According to the result released by election commission, Tonu Ghotane won by getting 2 thousand two hundred and 18 votes. Likewise, competitor Swatantra Pratap Shah got 2 thousand 2 hundred and 13 votes , Abhiman Singh Basnet got 5 hundred votes and Dr. Mahesh Bhandari got 2 hundred 47 votes.

Similarly, Narayan Koirala has been elected as a general secretary of NRNA Australia . He won by getting 1 thousand 2 hundred 99 votes and his competitor Raju Manandhar got 1 thousand 9 hundred and 29 votes . Koirala was elected as a general secretary by the difference of only 70 votes .

For the post of secretary, Dev gurung won by getting 2 thousand 3 hundred and 36 votes .His competitor Bikash KC got 1 thousand 7 hundred and 9 votes .

Similarly, Achyut Sharma Thapaliya won the post of treasurer by getting 2 thousand 7 votes and Dharmaraj Adhikari has been elected as a youth coordinator by getting 7 hundred 47 votes .

As there were 11 candidates for the NRN ICC 6 members , Janaki Paudel, Dipak Bhattarai, Kedar Risal, Ushakiran Bariya , Gokul Prasad Ghimire and Rajkumar Thapaliya were elected.

Likewise, Rajan Prasad Dhungel from Australian Capital Territory was elected as a Vice President and coordinator of the office of state and Nanda Gurung won from New Southwales. similarly, Hariram Rijal won from Northern Territory Darwin and Santosh kunwar was unopposed for vice president and coordinator of the office of the state of Queensland.

According to the election commission, Ashok KC won from the South Australia, Keshab Kandel won as a vice president twice from Victoria .Deepak Sharma was elected for the post of vice president and coordintator of the office of state from Western Australia and from Tasmaniya, Bisheswor Khatiwada was elected as a convener.

 After the victory, newly elected chairman Tonu Ghotane said that he will do his duty as he promised to the voters. General secretary Narayan Koirala was also thankful to his voters and promised to do his duty according to the expectations.

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