China biodegradable plastic production failing to stop plastic pollution.

Posted 8 months ago by Apurba Dhakal

China being the world largest country to produce plastic is now having difficulty in degrading plastic material. China put a ban on various non-degradable material earlier this year and has been promoting the production of degradable carry bags and other materials according to BBC.

Plastic material takes 1000 years to degrade which has effected the environment by increasing pollution.In the absence of controlled composting facilities,most biodegradable plastics end up in landfills, or worse, in rivers and the ocean,” said Greenpeace’s East Asia plastics researcher Dr Molly Zhongnan Jia according to BBC.

According to Greenpeace, 36 companies in China have planned or built new biodegradable plastic manufacturing facilities, adding production capacity of more than 4.4 million tonnes per year.But still china has not been able to control plastic pollution which has led to piling up of plastic waste.

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