The greatest festival of Nepalis, Bada Dashain begins

Posted 10 months ago by Yadab Devkota

The greatest festival of Nepalis, Bada Dashain, begins today (October 17)- with Ghatasthapana which marks the beginning of Navaratri. It is also the longest festival of Nepali Hindus.

Special puja is performed on Ghatasthapana by setting up ghada or a pot and Goddess Durga is worshipped. Similarly, people sow seeds of wheat, barley, maize and rice at home and in temples as per Vedic tradition. They are used as holy seedling on the tenth day- the Bijaya Dashami.

Chairman of Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, Prof Dr Ramchandra Gautam informed that jamara or the holy seedling is received as the symbol of prosperity.

The auspicious hour for the Ghatashtapana is 11:46am today, according to him.

From today onwards, nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped. The devotees visit various temples of goddesses across the country for nine days.

On the tenth day, Bijaya Dashami, tika and jamara are received from elders along with blessing. The Bijaya Dashami symbolizes the good over evil.

As per Hindu myth, Goddess Durga killed demon king Mahishasur and Vijaya Dashami symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

10:19 am auspicious hour to receive tika

Tika is received on the tenth day of the Dashain festival called Bijaya Dashami. This year, the auspicious hour for receiving tika is 10:19am on Bijaya Dashami (October 26).

However, the tika and prasad can be received till Kojagrat purnima.

The people are urged to observe the festival by staying indoors in view of the spread of coronavirus this year. The Calendar Determination Committee has also requested all to observe Dashain by maintaining safety as the protection of life is the utmost priority in the crisis.

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