NC decides to hold 14th General Convention in Feb 2021

Posted 3 months ago by Yadab Devkota

(RSS): After much internal debate, the Nepali Congress has finally decided to hold its 14th general convention in February 2021.

With this decision, the central working committee meeting of the NC held on Friday extended the term of all office bearers and members for one more year, said Chief Secretary of the Office, Krishna Prasad Poudel.

The decision was taken in line with section 43 of party statute. As per the party statute, number of central departments has been expanded to 47 from existing 28. This decision would however be endorsed by the coming mahasamiti meeting or by the general convention.

The chiefs, deputies, secretaries and members of the departments would be appointed at the earliest possible time as per the party statute,

Similarly, the meeting endorsed the decision to extend the tenure of central working committee of Tarun Dal by six months. The meeting has directed the Tarun Dal to complete its convention within six months.

Likewise, the meeting has asked the government to immediately proceed technical and diplomatic dealings with the government of India to resolve all border disputes based on facts and evidences.

Furthermore, the meeting has decided to back the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as agreed between the governments of Nepal and the US.

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