‘One daughter, one bank account’ launched in Kalikot

Posted 8 months ago by Yadab Devkota

Government works affected in absence of banks at local level

(RSS): The government in Karnali State has launched a campaign, ‘Bank account to daughter, lifelong security’ to encourage couples to protect and empower daughters in Kalikot district. Under this programme, the government is opening bank account in the name of each girl born in Karnali State and providing Rs 1,000 on the birth of the baby girl.

Moreover, Rs 500 will be deposited every month in their account for 20 years so as to resist the trend of female feticide and gender-based discrimination rife in some districts in the State. The beneficiary, however, has to remain unmarried until that age to avail the benefits.

Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi launched the programme in the district by providing a cheque bearing Rs 1,000 to the parents of four-month-old Jankari Pariyar- Darshana Damai from Manma Khadachakra Municipality-3; and two-month-old Ratna Sunar- Jamuna Sunar from the same locality here on Tuesday.

CM Shahi said that the scheme was introduced to ensure social justice for girls. Shahi said, “Kalikot is the poorest district in the country. We ought to ensure a bright future of girls born in this district. So we introduced the scheme here too.” Stating that the State government was moving ahead towards eradication of poverty, the CM expressed his belief that such programmes would help put an end to gender-based violence prevailing widely the district.

Furthermore, the State government has forwarded a pilot project for the women and Dalit community besides launching disaster risk insurance programme for the 1770,000 citizens in the State.

Similarly, Minister for Social Development Dal Rawal said that the government was effortful towards developing human capital. According to him, Rs 30.84 million was already handed over to the local units in the State as the first installment for the ‘One daughter, one bank account: A lifelong security’ progamme.

Likewise, Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives in the State, Bimala KC, gushed that introducing the security scheme for girls had brought extreme happiness in her lives as well as to those mothers who had been subjected to social scorn for giving birth to girl child.

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