America Grants Two M28 Skytruck To Nepal Army

Posted 1 year ago by Yadab Devkota

Kathmandu, Dec. 18— United States of America (USA) today granted two M28 Skytrucks to Nepal Army (NA). The aircrafts are the biggest share of the grant worth 15 million USD that the USA is providing to Nepal.

Along with the Skytruck, USA will also be providing spare parts, pilots, appropriate trainings, maintenance plan and other equipments to the NA.

America said that it would provide additional M28 Skytrucks in the upcoming years.

Skytruck, which is capable of taking off and landing in a short time, is considered to be apposite for the geographical setting of Nepal.

The two Skytrucks is anticipated to bring new capabilities to the NA, as they would support Nepal’s responses to natural disasters on every landing strip in the nation and in increasing Nepal’s security forces’ ability to respond in a quicker and a better equipped manner.

This is one of the biggest grants Nepal has ever received.

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