Illustration of beautiful Nepal in Beijing

Posted 1 year ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Illustration of beautiful Nepal in Beijing

On the eve of the Visit Nepal 2020, a photo exhibition about ‘Beautiful Nepal’ has begun on Thursday at Summer Palace, the major tourist destination in Beijing, the capital of China.

According to Sushil Kumar Lamsal, mission deputy head of the Nepalese Embassy in Beijing, which displays about five photographs that reflect the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal.

Exhibition site From 1644 to 1939, during the summer season of the Qing Dynasty, the palace of the royal family has been chosen. Lamsal said, “Every day thousands of Chinese and other tourists from other countries visit the shores of Khunming Lake in the summer court.”He said Nepal’s traditions and culture, people’s lives, natural tastes and unique heritage will help to better identify Nepal among Chinese tourists before visiting Nepal.

To showcase the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Nepal, the exhibition includes photographs of Kumari, Pokhara, Himalayas, Taralei hills, ponds, palace complexes of Kathmandu Valley, wildlife, adventure sports, birds, Nepali food etc.

Vice President of Beijing People’s Association for Foreign Friendship, who coordinated the photo exhibition with the Nepalese Embassy, said that the Chinese people can know a lot about Nepal through the photo exhibition. He said, ‘The exhibition will further broaden the Chinese understanding of Nepal.’

Some of Beijing’s major tourist destinations, such as Greatwall, Thanaanman, and the Summer Palace are considered as popular destinations. The photo exhibition will run until November 7.

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