Chinese hurry to visit Nepal

Posted 12 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Swei Ching

The Chinese general has reacted positively and enthusiastically to actress Swei Ching after being appointed Chinese goodwill ambassador for Nepal Visit Year 2020.

Shortly after becoming a goodwill ambassador, she wrote her response with a photo on the social network ‘Waipo’, which is believed to be a Chinese tweeter. Within a few hours, millions of well-wishers have said that they are eagerly waiting for a trip to Nepal, saying that they are feeling good and proud of her.

According to Chinese time, around 1:30 pm on Sunday, she posted on a Status Waipo, stating that the friendship between Nepal and China has been going on for ages. She wrote, ‘Nepal and China have an age-old friendship. The Himalayan region is full of mystery and beauty. I am extremely honored to be the Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal Tour Year 2020. ‘

Thousands of retweets have been posted in the few hours posted by actress Swee Ching, and a similar number of comments and likes have been seen. Most users have been eager to visit Nepal, while some have posted comments that appear to be ‘good’ by posting a photo with ministers Yogesh Bhattarai and Swee Ping

The actress, who is extremely popular in the Chinese theater, has millions of fans. Many Waipo users have praised her for her appointment, using such features as Beauty Goddess, Chinese Pride, Mysterious Beauty, Amazingly talented.

By the time this post was made public, the number of Swei Ching’s Waipo followers has grown to more than 10 million 7 thousand. Chinese and Hollywood actress Swei was announced as the Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal during an event held in Kathmandu on Saturday.

Born in Beijing in 1989, Swee Ching debuted a movie called ‘Pian Chau Pian Chong’, called Life on a String. The latest film, ‘Good Against Evil’, which was continuously active in Hollywood and the Chinese cinema world, was selected at the 55th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards last year. In addition to this, works of art including plays, telecastures and paintings were selected for national and international awards.

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