Suman received Nepali dance title

Posted 1 year ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Suman received Nepali dance title

Suman Gurung has won the title of the Australian Nationwide Dance Competition in Brisbane, Australia. The competition, held every two years, in singles, couples and group dances category .

Suman Gurung won the single  while Jennie Gurung was second and Sunita Lama third. Likewise, Raina Pun and Suman Gurung were the first in couple dance. Kiran Thapamgar and Kamna Poudel finished second and Prakash Pandey and reviews Shrestha third. In the group dance, Amit Kafle, Asmita Thapa, Amit Thapa, Rosina Thakuri won first place, while Simon Sripali, Sarina Sanju, Sukrita Acharya and Rivika Kharel won second and Uden Sherpa, Supriya Lama, Raina Pun and Prabhisa Shrestha took third place.

Second-generation children from all over Australia and New Zealand were also involved in the program. Thw competitions were organized by Nepalese Association of Queensland and NRNA Australia.

The Nepalese Association of Queensland and NRNA Australia have been organizing Australian dance competitions since 19 April. Five contestants from different states participated in the fifth dance competition. The decisive winner of the competition was Suvina Shrestha, who came from Nepal. Program Coordinator Keshav Sharma said that the main purpose of the competition, which runs for two days on Saturday and Sunday, is to bring the children of second generation closer to Nepali dance, song and music culture.

He claimed that the competition, which will be held every two years, not only provides information about Nepali art culture to the children growing up here, but also helps establish relationships among them.

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