‘Nepalese in Afghanistan were always on target’

Posted 4 months ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

'Nepalese in Afghanistan were always on target'

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The government has not implemented the recommendation of a high-level study team that the Nepali security guard in Afghanistan is always on the verge of terrorism, saying that labor relations should be cut only by eliminating relationships and responsibilities between employers, labor supply companies and manpower companies.

There are about 3,000 Nepalese working in Kabul in Afghanistan with labor approval from the Department of Foreign Employment.

Three Nepalese security guards were killed in a suicide attack in Kabul three years ago after a high-level team formed by the government made a detailed report to the government after studying the situation of the Nepalese security guards in Afghanistan. The government is sending security guards to Kabul without implementing the important suggestions of the report.

The government stopped sending security personnel to Afghanistan on Ashad 9, 2073 immediately after the assassination. But after the US, British and European countries ambassadors in Kathmandu pressured the government to withdraw the decision immediately.

“We suggested that the government should take immediate and long-term steps to protect the security guards,” a member of the study team told , adding that “a complete shutdown was not appropriate. He also said that some issues had to be taken into consideration when opening. ” ‘When we gave a detailed report, the incident was over. That file was left in the drawer. No one has studied the report, ‘he said.

The report states that the relationship and responsibility between the company, the employer and the manpower company, which supplied the security guard to the employer company, is unclear. “The Government of Nepal should be informed of the agreement between the security guard company and the employer. It is suggested that there should be a tripartite agreement between the workers, the supply company and the manpower, ‘he said.

The report points to the need for in-depth discussions between Labor, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Home Ministry, Nepal Rastra Bank and former military organizations on whether or not to send security guards to Afghanistan. There has been no discussion among the concerned bodies. According to the report, Nepali security guards have been employed illegally without coordinating with the Government of Nepal, even in international bodies in Afghanistan.

The foreign ministry of Afghanistan has also attracted the attention of Nepal. “The service and presence of the Nepalese security guard is vital to Afghanistan. The Afghan government is ready to provide all necessary and possible assistance to Nepal, ‘the report quoted Musa Arifi, director-general of the political department in Nepal, as saying in the report, “Nepal must take strong steps to control the number and problems of undocumented workers in Afghanistan.”

About 500 Nepalese serve as security guards at the largest US embassy in Kabul. Only those who have worked in the special stronghold of the Nepal Army have been brought. For this, FCI Manpower Company of Nepal has been recruited by American company AEGIS Company. There, Nepalese get a minimum salary of $ 1100.

The Page Protection Service (PPS) for the European Union supplies workers. PPS recruits workers through Universal Connection Manpower Company in Nepal. Their minimum wage is 810 euros. The Security Department supplies the security guards for the United Nations and its specialized bodies, the International Department of Gorkha (IDG).

The minimum wage for security guards employed in this company is US $ 1,250, free drug treatment, one million dollars insurance. The company claims to be the only 5 real Gurkha killed in the security guards, from 2003to 2016. For the Canadian Embassy, Saver International Company is providing security guards.

Thirteen Nepalese working in the embassy were killed. The report states that Nepalese terrorists are easily targeted when the traffic is transmitted at least once a year.

Currently, security guards have been arranged to stay inside the embassy premises. After the incident, the minimum salary of Nepalese has been increased from 800 dollars to 900 dollars.

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