Nischal and Swastima shared Coke and their feelings with their fans

Posted 1 year ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Nischal and Swastima shared Coke and their feelings with their fans

Nischal Basnet and Swastima Khadka, popular actor, couple of Nepali Film industry is on the ground with Coca-Cola.

They are visiting different malls and supermarkets all around Kathmandu to share a Coke with their fans and to encourage them to share their feelings with their loved ones. On their first day, they visited Labim Mall where a young couple shared,’We always loved coke.’

I remember us drinking Coke on our very first date and today we are here to celebrate our one year anniversary. It feels so beautiful to gift a Coke bottle to each other with special messages “Nischal Mayaka Lagi” and ‘Sukha Dukhako Saathkaa Lagi’ on this very special day”.

On the second day, Swastima Khadka visited KL Tower and thanked her fans, Instagram family and friends with the personalized message “You are my luck. I love you. Keep Loving.” printed on Coca-Cola bottle. At KL Tower, two friends met coincidently after 6 years who were both abroad. They both were there for Tihar shopping.

They were overwhelmed and emotional to share a Coke to each other with the special messages “Sumadhur Milankaa Lagi”and ‘Ramailaa Ti Jaamghatkaa Lagi’. They said, “It feels like this new Coke bottle perfectly captured what my friend means to me and quot Swastima surprised her fans with special bottles of Coca-Cola. At all venues her fans swarmed her for her autograph on Coke bottles with personalized message. They also took selfies with her. One of her fans was so excited that she requested one extra bottle with the message “Atut Saathkaa Lagi” to share with the Instagram family.

During this festival season of Dashain & Tihar, Coca-Cola has also been encouraging people to share their feelings with their loved ones with the recently launched 16 special message labels of Coca-Cola. For this auspicious moment of the festivals, Coca-Cola is also allowing fans to print their own personalized messages on Coke bottles. To celebrate the personalized special message on the Coca-Cola bottles, prominent actors Nischal and Swastima has visited different places and shared their gratitude to their fans and wished everyone a happy Dashain and Tihar with their loved ones.

Nischal and Swastima shared Coke and their feelings with their fans

Ambuj Singh, Country Director, Coca-Cola in Nepal said, “There is no better time to share your feelings and connect with each other then Dashain and Tihar. We hope you’ve enjoyed connecting with Nischal and Swastima. We wish you a beautiful festive season to share a Coke and connect with your loved ones.”


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