632 he-buffaloes sacrificed at Kankalani temple

Posted 1 month ago by Adarsha Devkota

As many as 632 he-buffaloes have been sacrificed at the goddess Kankalani temple at Bhardaha of Saptari district on the day of the Mahanawami, the ninth day of the 10-day Bada Dashain festival.

There is a tradition of offering animal sacrifices to the goddess at the temple every year on Mahanawami.

Animals such as he-buffaloes, billy goats and pigeons are sacrificed on the day of Mahanawami every year. Similarly, around 20,000 he-goats were sacrificed at the temple, on the occasion this year, according to the Temple Development Committee. Last year saw 493 he-buffaloes and thousands of he-goats being sacrificed at the temple.

Thousands of devotees from various districts of Nepal and from Supaul, Madhubani and Araria of Bihar, India throng the temple for worship and offering animal sacrifices.

Meanwhile, around 15 thousand he-goats have been sacrificed at the Chhinnamasta goddess temple in Saptari district in the last three days of the Bada Dashain festival, it is stated.

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