A huge group of Nepali climbed Mount Fuji together for the first time

Posted 2 years ago by Adarsha Devkota

The residents of the country with world’s tallest mountain Everest has successfully climbed the tallest mountain of Japan i.e. Mt. Fuji . This is the first time in the history that Nepalese currently residing in Japan has climbed the mountain together in a group.

As we are unknown about who is the first Mt. Fuji climber from Nepal,  on September 16, 2018 at 9 o’clock in the morning, a team of 36 Nepalese climbed the mountain together.

As Nepalese residing in Japan were climbing the mountain instantly, this is the first time that a team of such huge number of Nepalese has climbed the mountain of Japan with the height of 3 thousand 7 hundred 76 meters.

The Team Manager of climbing Mr. Sharad Kumar Gauchan said that there are a lots of Nepalese in Japan who continued their journey of climbing mountains after coming to Japan as well.

According to the team member Dambar Raj Paudel , there ware a lots of routes to climb the mount Fuji, but the team started their climb from station 5 and succeed it . As it was an off season, the Nepalese climbers climbed it safely and was feeling proud of it.

The director of Japan Nepal society and also the team manager Sharad Gauchan said that “this mount fuji climb is not only for entertainment but also for the development of Japan’s and Nepal’s relationship and to promote about Nepal and Nepalese to the Japanese for the tourism development.

 Gauchan is being involved in such activities like mountain climbing and hiking from last 27 years. This is his 8th time to climb the mount Fuji .

In the team, there was the Everest climber Japanese resident Okura Tositomi along with the the lover of Nepal Ryoichi Kuwayama and the director of Japan Nepal Society Sharad Kumar Gauchan and Balaram Shrestha, Director of New IT Venture Kamal Adhikari,  Dambar Raj Paudel (Head System Engineer, NITV), Professor of Jyuntando university Laxmikumar Parajuli, Deputy secretary of ministry of finance Gagan Bahadur BK, chairman of Thakali sewa samiti Japan Buddhi Gauchan, ex-chairman of Yakthung chumlung japan’s Riddi Bahadur Tumbahamphe and chairman of Kirant Rai yayokhya Ramesh Kumar Rai and other Nepalese were present there.

Other climbers were’s Krishna Adhikari, Milan Gurung, Binod Sharma, Narendra Khadka and Deepak gauchan, Abhishek Subedi, Hemanta Kumar serchan, Shyam bhattachan, Jiwan Bhattachan and many others.

Thousand’s of  years ago Mount Fuji was evolved after the big volcanic eruption and now million’s of tourists from different country visit there.

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