Nepali band in US releases third music album

Posted 2 years ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

Nepali band in US releases third music album

A Nepali music band in the US, ‘Skinny is Green’ has brought out its new album ‘Look In Through Me’.

The band was originally formed by singer/guitarist Gaurav ‘Rav’ Sitaula in 2014 and after going through various line-up changes he was joined by Punit Ojha on bass in 2017. ‘Look In Through Me’, the third album produced by the band, was released on April 29, 2018.

The independent band, which has never been affiliated with any labels, has been steadily gaining popularity and increasing their fanbase, not just in the S, but all over the world.

Even though their earlier style reflected sounds inspired from the 90s rock bands as Nirvana and GN’R, in their new album the band has consciously shifted to create a new type of sound that is inspired mostly by EDM, pop and tri-hop besides their usual rock roots.

The band released its first single, ‘Sixteen’ from the album before its official launch in January, which received many good reviews in the American press. More recently, they have released a lyric video for their title track, ‘Look In Through Me’, via YouTube.

These guys have created a ripple effect among musicians and artists alike in the US. The band has been able to get out of their comfort zones and share their talents with the Nepalese community as well as their US counterparts. And with their new style of futuristic music, they have opened up an even bigger door for themselves and the entire NRN artists living all across the US.

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