Minister of State for Communications insists on disciplined press

Posted 9 months ago by Adarsha Devkota

Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology, Gokul Prasad Baskota has said more systematic and disciplined press was the need of the country.

In his address to the first general assembly of the Radio Broadcasters Association, Karnali province in province temporary capital Surkhet today, the Minister of State said,” Anarchy has got promoted in the name of press freedom. Press should be systematic and disciplined.”

He was of the view that community radio and commercial radio could not be treated the same way as the community radio, as he said, were more service-oriented than profit oriented. He stressed the need of classifying radios.

Stating that all three-level governments should help promote capacity of mass communications, he pledged not to make any delay to punish those found disseminating wrong information.

“The government is responsible toward press freedom and committed to it,” he said, adding that Nepal had more press freedom than the United States of America.

Though the Karnali region is not the position of changing its geography, it holds potentiality for contributing to the prosperity of entire nation with proper utilization of available resources, as he stated.

Karnali Province Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi sought a role of media as of soldiers to build a prosperous nation.

Inaugurating the event, he highlighted the role of media in making the country civilized, moral and competent. He took the time to urge local radios to spread their wings and strongly raise the public issues. “The province has 40 FM radios and there is no need to open new ones but the systematization of existing ones is necessary,” he said.

According to him, prosperous Karnali is the destination of the province and support and cooperation from all quarters are necessary for so.

Province Minister for Economic Affair and Planning Prakash Jwala said the province was committed to move ahead making media stronger.

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