American of Nepali origin wins the John Bates Clarke Medal

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

The John Bates Clarke Medal also known to be the second largest of the awards after the Nobel is being provided to an American of Nepali origin, Parag Pathak.

The American Economics Society stated that the award is provided to Pathak for his special contribution in the field of study and research of Economics. Pathak is the first Nepali economist to receive the award provided to the youth economists of age less than 40 years. The award is provided to Pathak of the popular Massachusetts institute of technology in the field of Economics and technology for his research in the field of policy and market design. His researches have contributed to improve the system of the educational field of public schools.

The research works conducted by Pathak have helped improve and change the status of millions of students of public schools. Pathak is the appropriate candidate for the award, the American Economic Association said.

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