Buddha Jayanti to be observed in Britain

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

2562th Buddha Jayanti  is going to be observed at the popular Trafalgar Square of Britain.

Buddha Jayanti will be observed with a special ceremony on the organization of Buddha Foundation UK and Kapilbastu campaign and the cooperation of Nepalese embassy at London on May 5th, President of the foundation, Deepak Shrestha said. The organizers claim that the program will be organized to promote the tourism of Nepal and also the clear the dilemma about the birthplace of Lord Buddha.  The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is also invited in the ceremony by formal letter through the Nepali embassy at London, Shrestha said. Mayor Khan took the invitation positively, he added. The presence of around a thousand audiences including the Nepalese community is expected in the program. It is our desire to celebrate this occasion as a tradition and it is a great opportunity to get a chance to organize this program in London, Shrestha said.

Buddha Jayanti is being observed at the attractive destinations of London, Trafalgar square for the second time. Previously, this occasion was observed in front of the Parliament of Britain with the active involvement of Kapilbastu Samaj. NRNA UK and tourism board also have pledged to cooperate in the program.

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