Nepali school in Belgium

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

A Nepali school ‘Nepal Brussels Bal Sahitya Kendra’ is established in Belgium targeting the Nepalese kids in Belgium.

The school is initiated to teach about Nepalese culture, language, art and traditions to the Nepalese kids in Belgium with the active participation of the Nepalese. With the problems seen in the Nepalese children in Belgium on writing and reading of Nepali language, the school was established with the authority of the Belgium government at the capital Brussels, the coordinator of the school Srijana Karki Thapa said. More than 35 students of age group less than 16 are regularly attending the school.

Managing the time of the children studying in the local schools of Belgium, the classes are run once a week on Saturday. Presently four teachers are teaching in the school about the basic, theoretical, practical and cultural aspects of Nepal, coordinator Thapa said.

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