British boxers in Nepali Charity program

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

Nowadays, many charity programs are being organized in Britain and the Nepalese living in Britain are bored of the charities taking place almost every day so NRNA UK organized a new type of Charity program at Aldershot of UK.

The charity show named ‘Charity dinner with boxing’ included British professional boxers. Amateur players competed in the ring. An event opposite to singing and dancing was the motive of this new concept of Charity, NRNA vice president and the coordinator of the charity program, Prem Gahamagar said. We tried to connect boxing with social work, coordinator Magar told Kantipur. It will be a part of inspiration to the players and it will add energy to the possibility of Nepalese youth players in the upcoming days, he added.

The professional British boxers, World number three John Rider, ABA finalist of 1996 London games Alan Southwick, Number two player of Great Britain boxing team Chris Broke and European champion Nepali boxer Aadip Rana participated in the charity. The charity aimed at providing assistance in case of emergency scenario collected 45 Lakh Rupees, Gahamagar said.

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