Blood donation program organized in Colorado by Nepalese

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

Blood donation program was organized on Saturday in Colorado of America jointly by the active organization of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal and blood donors of America.

20 Nepalese including 7 women and 13 men donated blood in the program organized at the cross road church at North Glen. Around 30 people were willing to donate blood but due to some reasons only 20 were qualified for the donation. The president of the organizer Rocky mountain friends of Nepal, Binod Tripathi said that the program was organized with the motto of ‘Blood donation, life donation’ and also said the program was aimed at providing blood to the needy in case of emergency and to create the identity of Nepalese society. The program of donation will be continued as the blood donated by a person can save the lives of three, Tripathi said.

For the success of the program, Bone field blood circulation centre, Boulder provided the technical assistance and the space was provided by the church, the coordinator of the blood donors of America Colorado chapter, Tika Poudel said. With the slogan of ‘donate blood and save lives’, the program is being organized for a long time in the past and the organization has extended its branches in 22 states of America, central committee member Bhusan Lal Shrestha said.

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