Nepali youths stranded in UAE after arriving there in a Visit VISA

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

The Nepalese youths are stranded in UAE who went there in a visit VISA for the opportunity of better employment facility.

Salik Bahadur KC of Chitwan and currently a resident of UAE who had taken them to UAE assuring them to take the responsibility of their food and accommodation went out of contact and they were left of nowhere. KC had kept them in Abu Dhabi for two months assuring that he will manage job for them. After he went missing, they contacted various organizations and the Nepalese embassy, Bir Bahadur Deuba of Kanchanpur said. According to Deuba, Shyam Karki of Chitwan sent 10 Nepalese on January 10 with the setting of the Tribhuwan International airport.

They all had given Two Lakh forty thousand each for the VISA, tivket and the setting with the request from Salik Bahadur KC. KC had promised to provide them the job of 2500 UAE Dirhams along with food and lodging.

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