Ghimire missing for a month after returning from Qatar

Posted 2 years ago by Rabindra Ojha

Govinda Ghimire, 25 of Madhyabindu municipality – 15, Prasauni of Nawalparasi is missing for about a month after returning from Qatar for foreign employment.

He landed at Kathmandu on Falgun 11 from the Himalaya Airlines and is out of contact of his family, the sources closer to his family said. He came back to Nepal with his friend Sonelal Das of Sarlahi who was also working at the same company where Ghimire worked, his father Mohanilal said. He has returned three years later with the cash he earned in this period.  Ghimire went to Qatar four years ago and had been working at the Ul Baiad company of Qatar. He was not in the contact of his family even from Qatar. After no contact for a long time, his family contacted the company and the company sent him back upon the request of his family, his father said. His family knew about his return only after 13 days since he left Qatar.

After getting no contact from his son for a long time of returning back to Nepal, his family inquired about the passport and the flight and saw him returning with his friend from the airport in the CCTV footage. The family believes that he was in trouble for carrying the huge amount of money with himself instead of sending it to his family. His family has complained to the police to help find his son claiming that his friend might have kidnapped him.

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